Lori is a columnist for The North Platte Telegraph. She was voted favorite columnist of the year in both 2004 and 2005. Her column is now syndicated in 13 newspapers in New Jersey also, and reaches more than 260,000 readers every week.

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As the father of three sons, I get an eerie feeling of déjà vu whenever I read a column by Lori Clinch.

I’ve been there, I think. She’s writing about my life.

That’s the mark of a great columnist, the ability to cut a little slice from the pie of life that we’ve all enjoyed, or at least lived through — if that pie was made of under-cooked pumpkin chunks by crazy old Aunt Hazel.

Like the great scientist Charles Darwin cataloging new species and behaviors as he traveled uncharted lands, Lori chronicles the ups and downs of family life and parenthood with a fresh and loving eye, sometimes overjoyed, often chagrined by life ’s bounty and unpredictability.

But her observations and pronouncements are always made with good humor and the unspoken understanding that despite the challenges, and sometimes despite the outright frustration that comes with raising a family of demanding sons and a husband who puts her in "chore boots", there’s no place in the world she’d rather be (all right, maybe she’d take a weekend on an island with cool shoes, a good book and lots of iced fruit drinks with umbrellas, but she couldn’t stay away for long).

And her columns always bring a smile, a incredibly valuable commodity in today ’s world.

In my business, I meet lots of people who think they can be columnists. And many of them even come up with a few good columns before they run out of inspiration, material and gas. Lori, though, is the real deal. Her work is always fresh and insightful, and usually laugh-out-loud funny.

The fact that she seems to be writing about my life — and maybe yours as well — is just icing on the cake.

- Greg Bean