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Lori Clinch was born and raised in North Platte, Nebraska, a hotbed of material for writers whose passion it is to make people laugh. Her parents approached difficulties with a sense of humor and Lori learned from them early that it's a great way to cope with life. A friend of Lori's— the one who once decorated her mantle with poison ivy— says Lori's special talent is to take everyday situations and help people see the humor in them.

Lori and her husband, Pat, have four boys, all of whom provide fine fodder for her writing.


“Don’t Make Me Pull Over! will instantly place a smile on every mother’s face. Lori takes everyday life experiences and creates very visual and entertaining stories for us to take pleasure in. She sees the humor in her day to day family activities and draws us in by the wit and wisdom of her writings. Her Erma Bombeck take on life allows her the opportunity to keep life light-hearted and full of laughter. Her clever writing sets the stage and we feel as though we are in the front row of her family’s production. We can’t wait for the second act! You will want Lori to pull over so you can introduce yourself to the person that changed your outlook on raising kids and having a family”
—Karen O’Connor

“Lori Clinch’s columns are so good that I’m tempted to tell people I wrote them myself. Problem is, people would never believe I’m married to some guy named Pat.”
— Dave Simpson, editor, The North Platte Telegraph